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Perform Bartlett’s test for equal variances

Bartlett’s test tests the null hypothesis that all input samples are from populations with equal variances. For samples from significantly non-normal populations, Levene’s test levene is more robust.


sample1, sample2,... : array_like

arrays of sample data. May be different lengths.


statistic : float

The test statistic.

pvalue : float

The p-value of the test.

See also

A non-parametric test for the equality of k variances
A robust parametric test for equality of k variances


Conover et al. (1981) examine many of the existing parametric and nonparametric tests by extensive simulations and they conclude that the tests proposed by Fligner and Killeen (1976) and Levene (1960) appear to be superior in terms of robustness of departures from normality and power [R558].


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