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scipy.signal.normalize(b, a)[source]

Normalize numerator/denominator of a continuous-time transfer function.

If values of b are too close to 0, they are removed. In that case, a BadCoefficients warning is emitted.


b: array_like

Numerator of the transfer function. Can be a 2d array to normalize multiple transfer functions.

a: array_like

Denominator of the transfer function. At most 1d.


num: array

The numerator of the normalized transfer function. At least a 1d array. A 2d-array if the input num is a 2d array.

den: 1d-array

The denominator of the normalized transfer function.


Coefficients for both the numerator and denominator should be specified in descending exponent order (e.g., s^2 + 3s + 5 would be represented as [1, 3, 5]).