scipy.linalg.lapack.cgees(cselect, a[, compute_v, sort_t, lwork, cselect_extra_args, overwrite_a]) = <fortran object>

Wrapper for cgees.


cselect : call-back function

a : input rank-2 array(‘F’) with bounds (n,n)


t : rank-2 array(‘F’) with bounds (n,n) and a storage

sdim : int

w : rank-1 array(‘F’) with bounds (n)

vs : rank-2 array(‘F’) with bounds (ldvs,n)

work : rank-1 array(‘F’) with bounds (MAX(lwork,1))

info : int

Other Parameters:

compute_v : input int, optional

Default: 1

sort_t : input int, optional

Default: 0

cselect_extra_args : input tuple, optional

Default: ()

overwrite_a : input int, optional

Default: 0

lwork : input int, optional

Default: 3*n


Call-back functions:

def cselect(arg): return cselect
Required arguments:
  arg : input complex
Return objects:
  cselect : int