scipy.interpolate.spleval(*args, **kwds)[source]

spleval is deprecated! spleval is deprecated in scipy 0.19.0, use BSpline instead.

Evaluate a fixed spline represented by the given tuple at the new x-values

The xj values are the interior knot points. The approximation region is xj[0] to xj[-1]. If N+1 is the length of xj, then cvals should have length N+k where k is the order of the spline.


(xj, cvals, k) : tuple

Parameters that define the fixed spline

xj : array_like

Interior knot points

cvals : array_like


k : int

Order of the spline

xnew : array_like

Locations to calculate spline

deriv : int



spleval : ndarray

If cvals represents more than one curve (cvals.ndim > 1) and/or xnew is N-d, then the result is xnew.shape + cvals.shape[1:] providing the interpolation of multiple curves.


Internally, an additional k-1 knot points are added on either side of the spline.