Version numberingΒΆ

Scipy version numbering complies to PEP 440. Released final versions, which are the only versions appearing on PyPI, are numbered MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO where:

  • MAJOR is an integer indicating the major version. It changes very rarely; a change in MAJOR indicates large (possibly backwards-incompatible) changes.
  • MINOR is an integer indicating the minor version. Minor versions are typically released twice a year and can contain new features, deprecations and bug-fixes.
  • MICRO is an integer indicating a bug-fix version. Bug-fix versions are released when needed, typically one or two per minor version. They cannot contain new features or deprecations.

Released alpha, beta and rc (release candidate) versions are numbered like final versions but with postfixes a#, b# and rc# respectively, with # an integer. Development versions are postfixed with .dev0+<git-commit-hash>.

Examples of valid Scipy version strings are:


An installed Scipy version contains these version identifiers:

scipy.__version__            # complete version string, including git commit hash for dev versions
scipy.version.short_version  # string, only major.minor.micro
scipy.version.version        # string, same as scipy.__version__
scipy.version.full_version   # string, same as scipy.__version__
scipy.version.release        # bool, development or (alpha/beta/rc/final) released version
scipy.version.git_revision   # string, git commit hash from which scipy was built